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1 season • TV-MA • Comedy, Music

Royalties is a take on the oft-untold story of songwriters behind the world's biggest hits. It follows ragtag songwriting duo Sara and Pierce as they navigate the strange and hilarious challenges of creating great songs for insane artists.

Cast & Crew

  • Darren Criss

    Pierce, Theme Song Performance

  • Kether Donohue

    Sara, Theme Song Performance

  • Tony Revolori


  • Georgia King


  • John Stamos

    Elia Peck

  • Rufus Wainwright

    Jacob Jewel, Performer: "Just That Good"

  • Lil Rel Howery

    Dwayne D, Performer: "Break It In"

  • Mark Hamill

    Phillip Combs, Performer: "Mighty As Kong"

  • Jackie Tohn

    McKenzie, Performer: "Also You", Co-writer "Also You"

  • Sabrina Carpenter

    Bailey Rouge, Performer: "Perfect Song"

  • Jennifer Coolidge

    Miriam Hale, Performer: "I Hate That I Need You"

  • Edward Asner



Just That Good

Ep. 1 of 10

Just That Good

Sara and Pierce have their first big break: trying to write a love song for Jacob Jewel.

Break It In

Ep. 2 of 10

Break It In

Sara and Pierce try to hire a new manager, but first they have to fire their old one.

Kick Your Shoes Off

Ep. 3 of 10

Kick Your Shoes Off

Sara and Pierce must write for pop star Kimmy Kelly while trying to satisfy her team.

Mighty As Kong

Ep. 4 of 10

Mighty As Kong

Sara gets in hot water when she writes a song about an awkward experience with her new boyfriend.

I Am So Much Better Than You at Everything

Ep. 5 of 10

I Am So Much Better Than You at Everything

Sara and Pierce are on a roll, until they're derailed by a jealous competitor: songwriter Elia Peck.

Make You Come (True)

Ep. 6 of 10

Make You Come (True)

Theo has a chance to get with his dream girl, if only Sara and Pierce would stop procrastinating.